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About 220 km away from Warsaw, there are ruins of a castle called Krzyżtopór. It is unknown when the castle was exactly built, but we know when it was destroyed. It was during the Swedish invasion of the years 1655–1660.

The name of the castle

At the beginning, the castle was called Krzysztofory in honor of the owner of the property Krzysztof Ossoliński. His name derives from the Latin word Christophoros. Even before the construction was completed, the castle began to be called Krzyżtopór which is a compounding of two Polish words. The first of them is krzyż – cross in English and the second is topór – axe in English. Until now, large cross and ax symbols are visible at the main gate.

Magic of numbers

The owner was interested in magic and Kabbalah. For this reason the castle has:

  • 365 windows, corresponding to the number of days in a year;
  • 52 chambers, i.e. as many as there are weeks in a year;
  • 12 large halls, corresponding to the number of months;
  • 4 towers referring to the number of seasons.

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