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Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

The Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse is the computing infrastructure that allows for integrating data from different network environments. It provides the bridge between activities and linked services. IR provides the following capabilities:

Data flow – Execute any Data flows.

Data movement – Copy data across stores in a public or private network.

Activity dispatch – Dispatch and monitor transformation activities on a variety of computing services.

SSIS packages execution – Execute SSIS packages in an Azure environment.

Types of IR

There are three types of IR:

Azure – Data flow, Data movement and Activity dispatch

Self-hosted – Data movement and Activity dispatch

Azure-SSIS – SSIS package execution

How to create a Integration Runtime

Open Azure Data Factory Studio and choose manage, then choose Integration runtimes and then click New.

Choose the Integration runtime type and Continue at the bottom of the page.

In the example I have chosen Azure, Self-Hosted. Next I have chosen Azure. Afterwards I have clicked Continue.

After choosing Azure, click Continue.

Next, edit the region and click Create.

Now, edit Compute type, Core count and Time to live.

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